About Me

Hi I’m Emma and I live in sunny Yorkshire.

I work for an organisation that support young people with living independently, may it be by obtaining and sustaining accommodation, employment and or training. This is my twelfth year working there so as you can imagine I must love my job. I’m currently in my last year of studying for my Management Degree and have started studying to become a Relationship Therapist. A lot right? I also have two beautiful boys, a home and a partner so as you can imagine I’m a pretty busy lady. SO why blog I hear you ask?

I feel like it has taking me over 30 years to truly love myself and believe in me and I want to share some of my journies with you; both the light hearted ones to the deep/challenging ones. I believe that everyone has their own Therapy as a way of managing their life stories – this is mine! I like to write about all things – my personal experiences to help others, day to day life and hot topics.

I live by the motto ‘be your own hero’ – this is because I have had to grow and support myself through such an unsettled journey. Don’t get me wrong I have had such fun and happy times for sure. I have laughed and laughed and I have cried and cried….all which have led me to here. One message I always like to share – and that is, ‘it’s ok to let go and feel vulnerable; let go of your security blanket and feel the breeze’. We all live a life behind computer screens and phones, photographs and text. I feel that it’s a good idea to now and then just sit on your own. You don’t want anyone there; just you & then Self-Reflect. Self Reflection is a tool I feel really helps me develop as a person. It helps me to think about how my day went, how I felt, what I could have done better and what I feel I have achieved.

You will see I like to use ‘Micro Blogs’. I feel that smaller statements tend to stick in people’s minds. They can give you a sense of encouragement, leave you with a positive message or even help manage a current situation. Sometimes you just can’t be bothered to read a full blog. Micro blogs can help you and me get a view of what the blog is about. You may even get some inspiration just from those few lines; I know I do. You may even think ‘oh I’m not reading that’ – and that’s totally fine too 😉


  • So you the audience are able to relate
  • To be easy on the eye – this is not a dissertation
  • An opportunity to discuss/request topics
  • Self Therapy
  • Reach out – if one person can relate and find support from my blogs I’m happy

Happy reading!

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