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April 2017


‘Guest Blog’ A Sixty Second Poem


‘Guest Blog’

The intense part of my storm has passed,
But it left behind debris and an indescribable aftermath,
Much like that of a city that can be left in ruins after a hurricane.

My storm breaks regularly and clears up for sun
Laughter, joy, and peace much more often than they used to be.

A subsequent pregnancy after losing my Princess has easily put me right back into the heart of the storm,
No matter how much healing and progress I thought I had made.

Each day brings a flood of memories.
There are moments that my world erupts like a volcano and I blow,
Reality hits that Isabella is only with me in spirit.
That truth envelops me in waves of emotion.

I look at the future and see the twins and realise this was her gift to me…

Written By Sophie Simpson…. in memory 12.04.17

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